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Do your breasts bother you?

Are you a woman or man whose breasts have become a burden to you? There are solutions, and we can help you feel better about yourself.

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Surgery is not always necessary to obtain the desired result. Indeed, resorting to less aggressive treatments often suffices. 

♆ Dermaroller ♆

Wheel with surgical-grade disposable needles which provides micro-medical skin needling. The wheel is rolled over the skin, whereby the needles create micro-holes in the skin, which stimulates tightening of the dermis through the production of collagen fibres.

The dermaroller is used to improve the quality of the skin (fine lines, enlarged pores, acne scars, stretch marks) and can be combined with mesotherapy.

♆ Mesotherapy ♆

Mesotherapy - Swiss Alps Clinic - Sion

Treatment with injections of constituent products (vitamins, hyaluronic acid, amino acids etc.) to boost the skin.  

These products are known to be effective in combination with the dermaroller to restore a more youthful texture to your skin.

♆ Treatment with the botulinum toxin / Botox (Vistabel) ♆

Injection of a paralysing product into the muscles causing fine lines. This product is mainly used between the eyebrows and on the temples.

♆ Hyaluronic acid ♆

Hyaluronic acid is a substance normally found in the body. Biologically produced, it is then injected back into the body, especially for fine lines, cheekbone volume, correcting the nasal bridge, lip volume, wrinkled earlobes, and holes and bumps or lumps on the body and ageing hands .

It can also be used in mesotherapy.

♆ Exfoliation with chemical peel ♆

Liquid nitrogen treatment - Swiss Alps Clinic - Sion

Intensive peel that has a smoothing effect on the skin. The product acts in-depth to stimulate and form new collagen proteins.

Effect of rejuvenation and improvement of skin quality and correction of certain pigmentation.

♆ Treatment with liquid nitrogen ♆

This treatment can be used to remove certain warts, pigmentation, small growths, brown spots on the backs of hands as well as those linked with the sun.

♆ Stem cell treatment ♆

Injection of extracts of adult stem cells that allows tissue regeneration. 

We take a sample of fat through liposuction under local anaesthesia. After a week of laboratory processing, the cell extracts are available to be injected back for restorative treatments.

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