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You will find a simplified description of the activities carried out and the health care. So do not hesitate to contact us either by email or for an appointment because all patients benefit from individualised and appropriate care.

Do your breasts bother you?

Are you a woman or man whose breasts have become a burden to you? There are solutions, and we can help you feel better about yourself.

Get to know our cosmetic surgery practice and its qualified team. Always at your service!


♆ Diminish the signs of ageing and discover new of surgical methods ♆

A variety of treatments are available to improve appearance, correct fine lines, and diminish the signs of ageing. Each person will be seen in a prior consultation, during the course of which he or she will benefit from a personal examination and be offered appropriate treatment.

You will find below a description of the operations related to the face that we practice in the clinic.


♆ Lifting eyelids and around the eyesEyelid surgery - Swiss Alps Clinic - Sion

♆ Rhinoplasty

♆ Lip and chin surgery  

♆ Liposuction of the area below the chin.

♆ Lip augmentation (lipostructure® according to Coleman)

Facial surgery (facelift)  ♆

There are several ways to reshape the face (cheekbones, cheeks, neck, forehead), but each lift must be appropriate for the particular situation (mid-facelift, cervicojugal lifting, integrated facial remodelling, etc.)

Facelift by suspension threads

Facelists - Swiss Alps Clinic - Sion

This new method being offered by the clinic consists of tightening the neck skin by using absorbable barbed thread which is digested solely by the body.

The fact that there is no need to remove the thread and that this operation is performed under local anaesthetic and as an outpatient means there is need to interrupt your work.


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