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Do your breasts bother you?

Are you a woman or man whose breasts have become a burden to you? There are solutions, and we can help you feel better about yourself.

Get to know our cosmetic surgery practice and its qualified team. Always at your service!


♆ We help you feel good about yourself ♆

Mammoplasty - Swiss Alps Clinic - SionMammoplasty for breast augmentation with implants.

♆ Mammoplasty for reducing volume.

♆ Breast lift for reshaping sagging or formless breasts and  correction of abnormalities of the nipples and / or areola. 

♆ Breast reconstruction surgery after cancer.Mammoplasty - Swiss Alps Clinic - Sion

♆ Breast symmetrisation

♆ Surgery for men: we correct excess fat in the chest with liposuction or remove the abnormally developed gland.

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