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Do your breasts bother you?

Are you a woman or man whose breasts have become a burden to you? There are solutions, and we can help you feel better about yourself.

Get to know our cosmetic surgery practice and its qualified team. Always at your service!

Other plastic surgery

Correction of other body parts

♆ Brachioplasty (arm and thigh lift)

Plastie des bras - Swiss Clinic - Sion

Brachioplasty is considered when the patient's skin sags or creases.

♆ Scar revision ♆

Raised, enlarged, keloid scars, burns and removal of tattoos, etc. 

We will remove the scar to resuture it. We will choose a different scar orientation so that it follows the lines of the skin and is less visible. This operation can be performed on all parts of the body.

♆ Skin and subcutaneous tissue surgery

Chirurgie dermatolgique - Swiss Alps clinic - Sion

These dermatologic surgical procedures consist of removing tumours located on or under the skin.

♆ Reconstructive surgery

Deformed nose, breast reconstruction after cancer, and improvement of areas of skin after an accident, etc.

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